Antylamon is the Rabbit Deva. She is also the Ultimate form of Lopmon, staying in her Rookie form for most of the series.



Antylamon did not seem as mean or willing to attack humans as the other Devas, as she became friends with Suzie while guarding the South Gate, and defended her from Makuramon. Shortly after becoming Suzie's partner, she was dedigivolved into Lopmon by Zhuqiaomon.

She regained the ability to digivolve after Zhuqiaomon put aside his vendetta against the humans, and digivolved to Antylamon again during the battle with Horn Striker, grabbing his tail and enabling Justimon to destroy him.


  • Bunny Blade - Turns her hands into axes


  • Antylamon was male in the third segment of the first Digimon movie.


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