Azulongmon is the Sovereign of the east. He is a Mega level.


He resembles a snakelike dragon with a beard and a blue aura.



Azulongmon convinced Zhuqiaomon to put aside his vendetta against the humans, stopping him as he was about to destroy Guilmon and Terriermon. After allowing a battle between Gallantmon and Zhuqiaomon to go on for a while, to prove to Zhuqiaomon how powerful biomerged Digimon were, Azulongmon stopped the fight and told Zhuqiaomon to focus on the true enemy, the D-Reaper. Azulongmon formed a cloud around all the tamers and their Digimon and took them to the pit where Calumon was held, and at Kazu Shioda's suggestion (to Zhuqiaomon's disapproval) the tamers climbed down his beard.

After rescuing Calumon, Azulongmon decided that the Digimon of the digital world should battle the D-Reaper. Calumon and the DigiGnomes digivolved Digimon all over the digital world to Mega. Azulongmon told Calumon he could remain a Digimon for the rest of his life if he wished, which he did.

During the battle with Cable Reaper, Azulongmon and the other Sovereign pulled him down a hole into the digital world, enabling Juggernaut to be activated and destroy the D-Reaper.


  • Lightning Whip - Charges a chain with electricity and uses it as a whip
  • Aurora Force - Forms a ring to block attacks


  • In Shibumi Speaks, Takato mentions Azulongmon as being a character from the TV series. In the second season of Digimon, Azulongmon was the only Sovereign to be shown.