It Came from the Other Side is the fourth episode of Digimon Tamers.


Henry makes Gargomon stand on his head against a tree until he dedigivolves to Terriermon.

Takato begins drawing Guilmon in Champion form.

At Rika's house, Rika is still waiting impatiently for Renamon to digivolve.

Kazu gives Takato a lame card, Training Grips. Later, a digital field, which always appears around a bio-emerging Digimon, chases after Takato, Henry, and Terriermon. When they split up, it goes after Henry and Terriermon, and Takato runs off to get Guilmon. As Yamaki watches the digital field on radar, a Wild One, Gorillamon, bio-emerges. Guilmon fights off Gorillamon, and Terriermon attacks him as well, but Henry doesn't want him to fight.

A flashback is shown of Henry receiving the Digimon game for Christmas from his father Janyu, and chose Terriermon as his Digimon. Terriermon fought against Gorillamon, who destroyed many Digimon, and Terriermon gained the upper hand when Henry used Digi Modify cards on him, eventually digivolving him to Gargomon. When Gorillamon ran, Gargomon chased after him, and Henry realized he was like all the others.

In the present, Gorillamon gains the upper hand on Guilmon. Takato tells Henry that the only chance of victory is if Terriermon digivolves, but Henry doesn't want him to. Another flashback is shown of Terriermon getting beat up in a battle, and Henry realizing he is a real Digimon. One of his cards turned into a blue card, which Henry slid through his card reader, turning it into a digivice and bio-emerging Terriermon to Earth. Henry decided he didn't want to make Terriermon fight again.

In the present, Henry uses Takato's Training Grips on Terriermon, and transfers the effects to Gorillamon, preventing him from attacking, and Terriermon beats him up. Gorillamon breaks free, but Terriermon shoots a Bunny Blast into his gun, destroying him. Henry tells Terriermon not to destroy his data, interested to see what would happen to it, hoping it returned to the other side. (It's later confirmed the Digimon will not come back to life and the data is simply discarded)


  • The antagonist of this episode is Gorillamon
  • Terriermon's backstory is revealed
  • First time Terriermon destroys an enemy