Janyu Wong is Henry's father and one of the Monster Makers.

Voiced by Jamieson Price


Janyu got Henry the Digimon game in which he first received Terriermon as his partner. As he and most of the other Monster Makers never finished the Digimon project, he was unaware of the existence of Digimon.

This changed when Janyu came across a confrontation between Terriermon and Impmon. Impmon attacked Janyu, and Terriermon defended him by fighting Impmon off. Janyu told Henry all about the Monster Makers and Digimon project.

Later, Yamaki got all the Monster Makers together. When he tried to destroy all Digimon with Juggernaut during Vikaralamon's attack, Janyu opposed this decision, not wanting the tamers' Digimon to be destroyed. He attacked some Hypnos security guards and raced to Henry's side.

When Janyu and the other Monster Makers gathered the tamers' parents together, Yamaki appeared, and Janyu didn't trust him at first. After they communicated with Takato and Henry with the com device Yamaki gave them, Janyu realized Yamaki was now trying to help the tamers.

He and Dolphin constructed an ark to return the tamers and their Digimon to Earth. He also watched the battles with the D-Reaper while he and the other Monster Makers tried to figure out the D-Reaper's weakness, and modified the ark into a new form, with Yamaki naming it Grani.

For the final battle, Janyu uploaded Juggernaut into Terriermon, he and Yamaki modifying it to only target the D-Reaper - for the suction and immediate destruction, at least. He knew it would dedigivolve the Digimon leading to their destruction unless they returned to the digital world, and although this was their only chance to save the world, he thought this was unforgivable. However, after the Digimon left, Henry forgave him. The tamers were eventually able to return the Digimon to Earth, and Janyu presumably created another ark to return them home.


  • Janyu looks similar in appearance to Joe from the second season of Digimon.