is the Rat Deva. He has a bizzare round appearance with a ratlike face and tail and some sort of staff on his back, with four spiderlike legs. He appeared in the episode Jeri's Quest. Although the eighth Deva to bio-emerge, he was the seventh to fight the tamers. He is the weakest Deva, despite being an Ultimate level.

Voiced by Joshua Seth


Kumbhiramon bio-emerged and attacked Jeri and Calumon, until Leomon appeared and sent Kumbhiramon flying into the distance.

Later, Kumbhiramon returned, and Leomon and Gargomon fought against him. Kumbhiramon used Deva Clone, but Gargomon stunned the clones, and Leomon destroyed them with Fist of the Beast King, sending the real Kumbhiramon flying. Leomon slashed Kumbhiramon with his sword, destroying him.


  • Deva Clone - Creates five clones of himself.

He doesn't seem to have many other attacks beyond jumping at his enemies.


Kumbhiramon is possibly the most evil of the Devas, picking on defenseless girls, which Antylamon could never do.