Majiramon t
is the Dragon Deva. He has the appearance of a green snakelike dragon. He pairs up with Makuramon. He is an Ultimate level. Like Sinduramon, he doesn't speak in his appearances except for when he attacks.

Voiced by Bob Papenbrook


After Makuramon lost Calumon, he rode on Majiramon's head in search of him. Makuramon told him to hurry up so his rival Caturamon wouldn't find Calumon first, and that if they found him they'd be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams, and severely punished if they did not.

When Calumon digivolved some Woodmon to Cherrymon, Makuramon and Majiramon noticed him and flew over to the area. Calumon fell into a crevice, and then Makuramon noticed Takato and some of the other tamers. Cyberdramon fought Majiramon, damaging him a bit before he attacked Cyberdramon with Flaming Arrowheads and then beat up Growlmon, Gargomon, and Leomon. As Majiramon was crushing Growlmon's head, Ryo used a Goliath card on Cyberdramon, increasing his size. Cyberdramon crushed Majiramon's head, destroying him.


  • Flaming Arrowheads - Opens up a portal that shoots arrows of fire.

Being a dragon, he can also breathe fire.


  • Consistent with his usual style of describing Deva death scenes, Davis says in the recap that Cyberdramon "slayed the dragon"