Minami is the daughter of Takehito. She appeared in the movie Battle of Adventurers.

Voiced by Stephanie Sheh


Minami once had a puppy, Mei, who drowned during a storm. Her father Takehito created a V Pet because of this, but Minami felt the V Pet could never replace Mei.

Minami was attacked by Tylomon while carrying a computer containing the V Pet and Takehito's vaccine program. Guilmon destroyed Tylomon while Kai got Minami above water. Later, Divermon was sent to kidnap Minami, but the V Pet took the form of Seasarmon and destroyed him. Later Minami was captured by Mantaraymon, taken to Mephistomon's fortress, and threatened by Baromon in an attempt to convince Takehito to give him the vaccine program.

After Baromon was killed, Mephistomon revealed his true identity and mortally wounded Seasarmon, dedigivolving to Labramon. Minami apologized to him for not being nicer to him as the V Pet and called him Mei, which turned out to be the codeword to activate the vaccine program, destroying Mephistomon's virus and minions.