is an evil eight-headed Digimon residing in the forest area of the digital world. He is Ultimate level. He appeared in the episode Kazu's Upgrade.

Voiced by Lex Lang


Orochimon appeared before the Gekomon and forced them to make milkshakes for him, threatening to destroy them if they did not. Andromon fought against him in an attempt to free the Gekomon, but could never seem to destroy him.

One fateful day Orochimon injured Andromon, and noticed Jeri, who worked in a resturant. He kidnapped her and forced her to make milkshakes for him. She made as many as she could so he'd get tired and fall asleep so she could escape. However his center head never fell asleep.

Then Guilmon, Renamon, and Leomon fought against him. Although he may have been tired from drinking so many milkshakes, he was also stronger because of the data in the milkshakes. Although the three were able to destroy some of his heads, he regenerated them, and his center head was immune to all their attacks, gaining the upper hand. Then Jeri used a LadyDevimon card on Leomon, who used Darkness Wave to destroy Orochimon.


  • Inferno Blast - Breathes fire with his main head

If any head that isn't his main head is cut off, he can regenerate it.


  • In the Japanese version, Orochimon got the Gekomon and Jeri to make wine, and Jeri's plan was to get him drunk.