Pajiramon t
is the Sheep Deva. She resembles a centaur. She and her partner Vajramon are the fourth and fifth Devas to appear and fight the tamers. She is an Ultimate level Digimon. She appeared in the episode Duel with the Deva.

Voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.


Pajiramon bio-emerged alongside Vajramon, and began eating computer appliances to become stable. Terriermon fought Pajiramon and digivolved to Gargomon, but she gained the upper hand, beating him up and countering every Digi Modify card Henry tried to use. Pajiramon also disapproved of Vajramon fooling around and told him to destroy Renamon immediately (although their positions were ironically swapped near the beginning of the battle).

Eventually Henry used a mysterious blue card which digivolved Gargomon into Rapidmon, who gained the upper hand on Pajiramon. Pajiramon decided to use a human shield, but before she could pick one, Rapidmon used Tri Beam to destroy her along with Vajramon. Unlike Pajiramon, Vajramon came back to life.


  • Thunder Stomp - Stomps the ground with her hooves to create a shockwave

She also attacks with a crossbow


  • Pajiramon's head looks slightly similar to that of Moo from Monster Rancher.
  • Pajiramon is the first Deva to not be destroyed by Guilmon, and the only Deva to be (permanently) destroyed by Terriermon.