Sandiramon is the Snake Deva. He is an Ultimate level Digimon. He is the second Deva to appear and fight the tamers. He appeared in the episode Snakes, Trains, and Digimon.


He resembles a white cobra with red eyes.


Sandiramon bio-emerged in the subway and attacked, destroying a train with a sonic attack. He nearly killed a baby at one point but Gargomon saved him. He and Kyubimon fought Sandiramon, but were at a disadvantage until Growlmon arrived, powered up by a Digi Modify card Kazu gave Takato. With Kyubimon and Gargomon landing some blows on him, Growlmon finished him with Pyro Blaster. Before dying, Sandiramon revealed that he was one of the twelve Devas and said that the other ten would avenge him.


  • Venom Axe - Shoots an axe made of venomlike energy

He can also use some sort of sonic attack to destroy things.


  • Sandiramon is the second and final Deva whose first attack on the tamers is a tail attack on Kyubimon.
  • Aside from when he attacks, Sandiramon's only lines are when he is near death, revealing the existence of the Devas to the tamers.
  • Concept art of Sandiramon depict him holding a staff with his tail. The staff is never seen in the anime.